Best sandpit ride-on digger

At Gorilla Karts we have launched our new sandpit digger

Why is our Sand pit digger the best? It’s in the details.

Unlike our competition this is the biggest metal sandpit digger in the market we have increased the overall size by a scale of 1.5 bigger from our competitors and increased the metal frame and arms to 5mm thick steel.

We have added quality 20cm durable all-terrain rubber wheels, not cheap hard plastic wheels which means good traction on gravel, dirt, and grass so they can move anywhere they want with ease.

Additionally, we have added a comfortable bucket seat with a high supporting back for safety when lifting even the heaviest of loads. The high back support seat makes balance easier for the smaller builders, so they can learn to steer without falling off and will have them a fully licensed digger in no time.

This digger is made totally with solid carbon steel in both frame and bucket, ensuring that kids can dig as much as they want without fear of it breaking and ensure it will dig the toughest material your little engineer or construction manager can find. Kids love the realistic steel construction and pretend they are in control of a big rig like a JCB digger. You will love it, as it’s tough and you won’t be buying a new one anytime soon.

Digging is helped with 360-degree rotation and long boom reach, which allow kids to realistically dig, tilt, and dump dirt without moving from their seat. Furthermore, with dual handle controls, extra-large bucket, wide stable base they will literality move mountains.

The Gorilla Dig & Roll can handle it all!