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Gorilla Large Pedal Go Kart Red 2 seats
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Gorilla Large Pedal Go Kart Red 2 seats


    Large Red Pedal Go Kart 2 seats


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    In flaming-red, the Gorilla Red kart is built for speed and safety. All of our large karts come standard with safety features including roll bars, light reflectors, and an advanced braking system so they can avoid an accident or bring the kart to a standstill in an instant. The sealed bearing wheels roll smoothly, and the pneumatic tires provide a smooth riding experience both on concrete and off-road.

    Reverse Gear Lever:- Free wheel and reverse gear
    Pneumatic Tyres:- Long lasting tyres for a smooth ride
    Five Spoke Sport Style Rims:- Strong durable plastic
    Sealed Bearing Inside:- Each Rim for smooth running for years
    Swivel Front Axel:- Cope with rough ground, 30cm Clearance
    Ball Joint Steering:- Accurate control
    Sport Steering Wheel:- Sports steering wheel to provide you with extra grip
    Comfort Sport Seat:- Strong Injection Moulded Seat
    Safety Reflectors:- Set of four light Reflectors
    Roll-bar:- Provides added strength to the frame
    High Quality Chain and Chain Guard:- Heavy gauge chain
    Fully Powder Coated Frame:- Gives the kart weather protection for years

      Color: Black
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester