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All GORILLAKARTS bilkes are covered under our manufacturer's 1-year all-inclusive warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects (Free Accessories are not covered by warranty service). And our each order comes with a 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee.

Effortless, Efficient and Exciting Adventures

10mph Top Seepd, 10miles run time
Smart Bike with Digital Handle
A handle that takes all the control - Tailor the experience of your kids to match their riding style.  And stay informed throughout the rides with real-time data displayed right before eyes. It's Time to drive something super cool!

3 Speed  Modes: 3mph, 6mph, 10mph

Charge time: 4.5hr

Run Time: 10miles
Ride to the Rhythm of Tunes!
The premium Novi Chopper Pro features Bluetooth music playback with a built-in Bluetooth speaker to immerse kids in the magic of music! Whether indoors or outdoors, kids can enjoy quality music as they wish, adding more fun to the ride.

Lights, Action, and

Engine Roar!

The ultimate Novi Chopper Bike Electric Moto is the most exclusive version for Kids, Where Real Engine Sounds Meet Dazzling Color-Changing Lights. Immerse Your Child in a Whole New World of Riding Adventure, Stirring their Imagination and Boosting their Fun.
Customize speed, lighting, and music
With our intelligent control App, your child's safety and entertainment is just one tap away. 

Explore The Interior of the Future

 1. Smart Navigation
Monitor speed, battery life, distance traveled
2. Powerful Headlight
Explore or Travel at even during low-light conditions
3. Excellent Stability
Super comfortable during the whole ride
4. Non-Slip Tires
Wear-resistant and explosion-proof tire with wide tread groove

Designed for children

With All New Features

Unleash Thrilling Adventures with the Newest Novi Chopper Pro! Designed for kids, this electric motorcycle features a powerful battery, motor, and three-speed options. Experience the perfect blend of safety and excitement as your child rides with confidence. Ignite their imagination and create lasting memories!


With All The Coolest Appearance

Complete Personalized Ride

The child hops onto the Novi Chopper Pro, ready to ignite an extraordinary journey ahead. With anticipation in the air, the Novi Chopper Bike beckons, fueling excitement and curiosity. Step into a world of limitless possibilities, where imagination takes flight. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure with the Novi Chopper Bike, where the future is waiting to be explored. Get set to create lasting memories and make every ride a remarkable experience.

Vibrant Velocity

Get ready for an exhilarating ride on the Novi Chopper Bike! As the child takes the handlebar, a burst of vibrant colors surrounds them, creating a thrilling and unforgettable experience. With each twist and turn, they immerse themselves in a world of joy and adventure. Let the Novi Chopper Bike ignite your child's imagination and set them on a colorful journey of excitement and exploration. Get ready to ride and embrace the vibrant hues of fun!

Large capacity battery
Powered by a 21.9V 5.2A lithium-ion battery, your child can enjoy hours of uninterrupted excitement and adventure. Say goodbye to battery worries and hello to endless playtime. Let our reliable battery fuel their joy and your peace of mind.
Tri-Speed Motor
Thrilling Adventures with 3-Speed Transmission! Experience the excitement of three adjustable speeds, allowing your child to conquer different terrains and enjoy exhilarating rides. Let them explore the world with versatile speed options.

Elevate Your Child's Moments

With their own Exclusive Ride

Successfully Sold More Than 5,000+ Globally!

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5,000+ Sold!

People are extremely satisfied with the Novi Chopper

Choice of Thousands of Parents
Are you ready to take your child's adventures to the next level? 
Are you ready to take your child's adventures to the next level? 
5,000+ Sold!

People are extremely satisfied with the Novi Chopper

Choice of Thousands of Parents
Are you ready to take your child's adventures to the next level? 
Watch as your little explorers to get more involved on outdoor activities, riding around, zoom through the neighborhood, parks and trails with endless excitements.
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